According to a recent report, Around 19000 peoples in Lucknow are homeless and out of them around 30% are above the age of 50.  These elderlies are either left out by their family members or they are too poor to afford a home. Just think about their living needs, their medication/health needs, the care they need and at least a roof above their head.  These are their basic needs, every person in their life at least deserves a place where they can live their final moments of life peacefully. 

Just think about a person who devotes their whole life to their family and kids, managing everything, taking care of everything, but when they are in need, no one is there for them. They are left alone, abandoned, no care, no money, no place to live and nothing to do. Now what? Should we let them to die on road? Should we just ignore them and live our life like nothing happened?

At least i couldn’t do this, and if you ask yourself then you wont either. You smoke, drink, living a comfortable life parting, enjoying pizzas and drinks, but just think its a cold day, when you are in your home in front of heater/blower and some elder one outside, sleeping on road, nothing to eat, nothing to cover their body to get a little heat. No place to hide them self in intense cold waves. What should they do? Die? No…..we won’t let that happen anymore. 

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